About Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bruce Lee loved cross arm Chi Sao!

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Also read more about double arm ”Chi Sao” in the interview with a Grandmaster  

Wing Chun developed by a woman
A Buddhist nun refined and developed a great deal of the WIng Chun system this is reflected in the hihgly efficient techniques which give a person the best advantage over a larger stronger opponent such as a woman vs a man. Every Friday woman’s self defense class is perfect for learning these specific techniques.

Uncommitted Techniques
Uncommitted techniques mean that if the technique fails to connect, the practitioner’s position or balance is not affected. This also enables one to interrupt the move and do something else.

There are 8 types of kicks in Wing Chun Kung Fu contrary to the belief that they are only a few and rarely used.  A front kick is performed striking with the heel and because the feet are parallel it makes it faster to perform than any other type of kick. The kick may also be thrown during an entry technique just before landing and executing chain punches.

Strength and Impact. Many skilled practitioners pride themselves on being able to generate “short power” or large amount of power in a short space. A common demonstration of this is the “one-inch punch”, a punch that starts only an inch away from the target yet delivers an explosive amount of force.

Trapping skills and sensitivity
Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners develop contact reflexes or sensitivity making them react faster than the eye can see. Training cross arm ”Chi Sao” (Sticky Hands) with a partner as seen in the movie Enter the Dragon staring Bruce Lee, develops the trapping of hands as well as contact reflexes.

Entry Techniques
Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches you to advance quickly and strike at close range by using an entry technique. This is a way in which an Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioner would attack his opponent from non-contact long or medium range keeping themselves covered in case they need to deal with kicks or punches while entering.

Close Range
This means that if the correct techniques are applied, a shorter person with a shorter range can defeat a larger person by getting inside his range and attacking him close to his body. What makes Wing Chun Kung Fu so effective at this range is the principle of using both arms at the same time.

1. one arm blocks the other strikes,

2. both arms strike.

3. both arms block.

4. one arm grabs the other strikes.

5. both arms grab.

6. one arm grabs the other blocks.