Sifu Maurice currently teaches Sport & Street Wing Chun Kung Fu in Melbourne at 36 Angelique Grove, Albanvale. This is located right next to the Brimbank Shopping Centre. Classes are held 54 evenings per week for adults and 3 times per week for children for ages between 7 to 13.


Sifu Maurice is affiliated to the Arnett Sport Kung Fu academy in Jacksonville Florida USA, which is run by Sifu Anthony Arnett who was responsible for Sifu Maurice’s certification to level 10 Gold Sash in Wing Chun and also Honorary Black Belt in Arnett Sport Kung Fu. Sifu Arnett has won over 4000 trophies in martial arts tournaments since 1974. His last competition win was only in 2012 where he won grand champion.

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Reviews Sifu Maurice’s Students; Review us on Google + page Download Timetable

Yahya Hassan: 5 stars ”Really good martial arts very calm i highly recommend “I believe that … Wing Chun has made me ready to act fast and be alert in any threatening situation and a really amazing teacher”.

Andrew Popovic: 5 stars”Highly recommended for people who want to learn in an environment that is friendly, no attitude, and no pressure. A more realistic/usable style. Great place and a great teacher”.

James Ross: 5 stars “My son attended Samurai Karate for nearly 10mths but I found he was becoming to aggressive and decided that perhaps he was to young and that in time he could return. Then, we met Sifu Maurice, A kind and gentle man that possesses all the people skills needed to instruct young people and give them a proper insight as to what martial arts is all about. Don’t get me wrong, my little man is learning some awesome techniques but all with the right approach and attitude. He is also doing better at school now from his newly found confidence and understanding. Wing Chun has made a big difference to my boy and I would recommend anyone considering Martial Arts to look at Wing Chun and mostly Sifu Maurice as your instructor and personal friend be it your a young person starting out or a seasoned martial art expert training in another style. Wing Chun is awesome and you wont go wrong”.

Gabby Momiroska: 5 stars ”Warm, friendly and vibrant environment suitable for all ages regardless of gender physical strength or ability. There is something for everyone regardless whether you are a beginner, or advanced or even if you have experience, in other forms of martial arts. There are many application and techniques that are applicable to everyday use and other hidden agendas. Highly recommended for female applicants that want to learn real techniques, that are effective and can be archived in a short time. No contracts, no extra fees, highly professional environment. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Totally worth trying I did …”