Sifu Maurice’s Biography in a nut shell!

Young Maurice

Sifu Maurice Ruiz of basque heritage was born in Uruguay South America on a year of the tiger in the month of Aries with a life path numerology number 1. After Arriving in Australia when he was 4 he first practiced Judo at age 8 and enjoyed wrestling until the present, then trained Karate till age 14.

In 1992 becoming a full time student of Wing Chun in Flinders St Melbourne Sifu Maurice trained 12 lessons per week for nearly 2 years before grading to level 3 which permitted him to train in the senior classes, in 1997 level 5 was achieved.

Training with various different Wing Chun instructors followed until finally by competing and testing Sifu Maurice graded to level 10 gold sash in Wing Chun and achieved honorary black sash in Arnett Sport Kung Fu Jacksonville, USA in 2013. Thanks to Sifu Arnett’s teachings and full time coaching Sifu Maurice was successful in obtaining 1st and 3rd place in two different tournaments in Florida, USA.

In 2012 Sifu Maurice started his own Sport & Street Wing Chun school independently until becoming affiliated to Grandmaster Anthony Arnett’s Academy.

In 2013 Melbourne Sport and Street Wing Chun Kung Fu developed an affinity with Grandmaster Terry Lim’s Loong Fu Pai Academy which holds martial arts tournaments every year and Sifu Maurice and his students participate. Sifu Maurice enjoys catching up with Sigung Terry Lim and has been learning Filipino Kali sticks from him by organizing seminars.

In 2004 Sifu Maurice first visited the Academy of Grandmaster Felix Leong in Adelaide, South Australia and was Sifu Nick and Sigung Feliximpressed but was not able to train there until January 2016, when he traveled to Grandmaster’s academy with a donation of 2 wooden dummies after hearing on the news that in September 2015 a fire had burnt 80% of the club along with all the equipment which was not insured.  After spending 10 days in August 2016 at the academy with Grandmaster Felix training and carring out some renovations for his Re-birth from the ashes ceremony, Sifu Maurice in 2017 commenced training every week privately with one of Grandmaster Felix’s top senior students in Melbourne, Sifu Nick Legg.

                                                            Pictured Above: Sifu Nick Legg with Grandmaster Felix Leong